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1,174 likes Insurance Services Insurance Services: have found that just 3% of those over 50's questioned were not taking a holiday this year due to economic pressures and another 40% did not need to save for their holiday, while around 30% saved for most of the year. Olivia Skeen from the insurer commented that the older generation have become the bedrock for the travel industry through the recession as they have more disposable income and can more easily take last minute holidays. However she does say that the availability of travel insurance is still an issue, but that Staysure can offer great deals to the over 50's.

The Confederation of British Industry has said that learner drivers should be tested on their fuel efficiency during their driving test in a bid to encourage a better attitude to the environment. Dr Neil Bentley from the CBI said that making energy efficient driving a mandatory part of the test would lead to cutting carbon emissions and change attitudes. This comment comes after a recent report from AXA which showed that UK drivers are less environmentally friendly than drivers in Europe.

The SEAT Young Driver program has been sponsored by Admiral Multi-car and aims to give 11-16 year olds some driving experience before they get on the roads. A special part of the Bluewater carpark in Kent has been set aside for a dual control car to be used by the young drivers. They can gain experience for £29 for 30 mins or £55 for an hour. The lessons also include talks about peer pressure, the use of mobiles, speeding and the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

People living in North Yorkshire are to be charged an extra £4.50 on their band D council tax just to fund the repair of potholes, according to the Times this weekend. Local people have complained that the council should have been dealing with this problem over the last few years rather than spring a new tax on them to catch up now. Last month a road in Yorkshire had been named the worst road in Britain until it was resurfaced recently. It had 319 potholes down it's 400 yard length. Some potholes were 10ft long and 6 inches deep. Another road in Aberdeen has been nicknamed "Grand Canyon" after it was found to have 119 potholes along a 100yard stretch. Insurers have said that potholes cost UK drivers £1m a day due to damage to the undercarriage of cars. Councils have claimed that the bad weather of the last two months is to blame for the recent spate of problems. The new Virgin Bank is to charge it's customers a levy or a fee to use their current account. The chief executive Jayne-Anne Gadhia said in The Times this weekend that it would rather have a fee, than impose high charges for overdrafts or insist on regular monthly deposits. She says that most people are aware that banking is not free, whether an upfront fee is charged or not. They are just going to be transparent about it. Virgin Bank would be the only bank to charge a compulsory fee of this type. Virgin also offer insurance, savings and loans through their partnerships with other banks.

RSA has suggested that manufacturing firms should check their insurance details as they expect the economy to improve leading to increased orders. Latest figures from the manufacturers organisation EEF have shown that output and orders have increased in recent months. RSA have pointed out that this could lead to increases in stock, casual labour and the requirement to work longer hours, all leading to changes in insurance needs. They suggest talking to an insurance broker to find the best way to take advantage of the coming improvements.

The row over bonuses could come to a head again as it has emerged that RBS handed out £10m in shares to its nine top bankers. More than half of these shares have been given to John Hourican, the new boss of the investments arm. This is despite the bank making a loss of £3.6bn last year. The Government has the right to veto the bonuses but doesn't appear to have done so. The head of insurance Paul Geddes has received 792,000 free shares. The RBS Chief Executive has claimed that the bank could have made another £1bn last year if it had managed to keep thousands of staff who jumped ship to rivals who can pay cash bonuses. The share bonuses cannot be cashed in for at least 5 years. †

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