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1,174 likes Car and Home Insurance Online Car and Home Insurance Online: has reported that 3.5m people in the UK now work from home for at least part of the week. Many of these have been made redundant and have set up their own business either in the shed or in the house. Despite this, Direct Line have stated that one third of these people do not have the correct insurances for a home based business. This applies in particular to those who regularly have clients visiting them or to those who employ another person to work with them.

"How are you Britain?", a report by BUPA has found that 49% of people felt unfulfilled in their jobs and 21% were annoyed at the lack of career progression they experienced. The results have prompted the insurer to suggest some changes which might make a difference. They say that offering healthcare advice and support for employees and subsidising fitness facilities can improve the wellbeing of staff. Dr Jenny Leeser from BUPA points out that staff who feel dissatisfied will take more sick days and a few health related changes to the workplace can lead to increased productivity.

The Commons Scottish Affairs Committee has said it does not think that banks have changed their ways since the crises of the last two years. They say they have found evidence of banks targeting customers who have fallen into debt, even using undesirable practises such as silent calls. It was also claimed that the banks were starving businesses of credit, effectively forcing them out of business. The problem arises from the points system which bank staff must work under. They are awarded points based on the products they sell with insurances and credit cards weighted more than savings accounts. This means staff are under pressure to sell these products even if they are unsuitable. RBS have replied by saying they are committed to supporting their customers during these economic times.

Latest research from the AA has shown that pothole claims have soared by an incredible 600% in the last three years. They have based these figures on claims by their own customers and estimate that insures have already paid out £2.85m in February alone. Simon Douglas from the AA points out that these 1900 claims are just the tip of the iceberg as most people simply will not bother to put in a claim. He says that garages and tyre centres are dealing with punctured tyres and damage which is not being claimed for. He also says that councils are simply not keeping up with the problem. The AA are still asking the government to divert the increase in fuel duty to the pothole problem which would eliminate the issue within 100 days.

The world's second largest re-insurer Swiss Re, has estimated that the earthquake in Chile could cost the insurance industry as much as £4.7bn. They have also said that their own losses would be $500m (US). Germany's Munich Re has said it expects to pay out $543m. Experts have commented that while these losses seem large they would not make changes to the recent falls in the prices of reinsurance, but may affect that region. Chile is expecting to recover fully within four years helped by copper production which was unaffected by the earthquake. It also has the lowest government debt in Latin America. has undertaken important research into the names of their customers and has discovered that those named after Formula One drivers may be more likely to have an accident or speed. The Formula One races kick off in Bahrain next month. In fact those with the surname Button are more likely than Hamilton's to cause an accident while Hamilton's get caught speeding and jumping red lights more often. The overall winner in the speeding stakes however, are those with the surname Schumacher. They are careful drivers though, having never made a claim with Elephant. The fact they only have a dozen people with this surname on their books may be the reason however. †

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