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AXA Biggest Discount for 8 Years No Claims Bonus

AXA Offering 90% Discount for 8 Years No Claims Bonus: AXA is offering drivers with 8 years no claims one of the cheapest deals around and a no claims discount of 90%. The new policy is part of their Respect the Road campaign which is encouraging drivers to have greater respect for others. AXA found that 79% of drivers feel there is a lack of respect on the roads and 43% have been a victim of road rage. Half of all drivers questioned said they would use their horn aggressively when driving. The campaigns ambassador, Charlie Boorman has commented that Brits may be well known for being polite, but the use of the horn is inconsiderate.

Aviva has released details of a recent survey which shows that 64% of people intend on taking a holiday break this year and are cutting back to be able to afford it. 62% are setting a limit on how much they spend while away and 31% are hoping to get a cheap last minute deal. 45% have also said they will not be buying any new clothing to take away with them. Worryingly 31% said they would not bother getting travel insurance, a move which has been described by Aviva as being a false economy. Further research from the Post office has also shown that holiday-makers are simply swapping their usual destinations for cheaper ones to either save money or go away for slightly longer.

Meanwhile a survey by Virgin Money Travel insurance has revealed that Bournemouth is the place to go for your summer holidays this year. 66% of those surveyed said they would prefer Bournemouth to any other local destination. It scored well on price, restaurants, beaches and tourist attractions. Brighton and Portsmouth came in second and third with Scarborough and London coming in behind. One of the worst places in the UK to visit is Loch Ness, due to the weather.

The RAC have said that petrol prices have increased by 27% in the last 12 months with the average price now at an incredible 115p per litre. In addition, motorists have had to put up with three tax increases in the last year. Adrian Tink from the RAC commented that these increases are making it difficult for those living on tight budgets. He says that the government needs to reconsider the proposed increase in fuel duty due next month, as it was announced when fuel prices were below 100p. The AA have also said that fuel prices in the UK are reaching an all time high .

Halifax Home insurance have revealed that nearly one in ten people have moved house due to problems with their neighbours. In fact this is a bigger influence on moving house than being in a good area for schools. 60% of those who moved cited aggressive behaviour, 53% said loud noise and 19% hated their neighbour's messy garden. Following behind these main reasons was a house in disrepair, neighbours who are nosy and those who steal. Problems with neighbours can knock up to £30,000 off the price of a home which has led to the problem not being disclosed to estate agents, even though this is a legal requirement. Damage to property has been an issue for one fifth of UK property owners with the average cost being £312. Halifax have suggested that neighbours should try to communicate with each other, as some issues may just be misunderstandings.

78% of the public has agreed that NHS treatment of binge drinkers should be cut back and the cost passed on to the drinker themselves. The research from AXA PPP also found that 38% of people believe that the NHS should cut back on the amount it spends on drink related conditions, 28% felt the same way about smoking related conditions and 26% for obesity. In addition, 35% thought that funding for alternative treatments such as homoeopathy and acupuncture should be cut. Most people agreed that dentistry and hearing aids were not areas which should face cuts. A spokesperson from AXA pointed out that many members of the public believe that people should take responsibility for their own health, but that cuts are very unlikely any time before the election. †

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AXA Biggest Discount for 8 Years No Claims Bonus