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Green Car Insurance for Prius, G Wiz and Aygo

Green Car Insurance for Toyota Prius, Honda Civic IMA, G Wiz, Aygo and Smart Fortwo: New research from Swinton has revealed their customers favourite green cars. The 1200 people surveyed put the Toyota Prius in top position followed by the Honda Civic IMA, the G Wiz, the Toyota Aygo and finally the Smart Fortwo. Steve Chelton from the insurer commented that green cars can help customers to make significant savings with lower road tax and even exemptions. They are also entitled to a 100% discount on the London congestion charge if the car is completely electric or runs on natural gas. He does point out however that these cars may be subject to higher insurance costs as the cost to repair a green car may be slightly higher.

AXA have said that they will appeal a judges ruling that they must pay compensation to the family of one of the victims of the Air France air crash in 2009. The family of Brazilian, Marcelle Valpacos Fonseca, a former state official have been awarded $1.15m (US) by a Rio de Janeiro judge. AXA have said that the ruling falls outside of all the normal procedures for awarding compensation and they will not allow the ruling to become a precedent.

Grannia East from Hampshire has been awarded £3.45m in compensation after she was left brain damaged after a routine gallstone operation. She was operated on at the Royal Hospital Halsar which was run by the MOD. It has since closed. The original case was denied by the MOD and it went to appeal where the ruling came out in favour of the woman. Mrs East had a cardiac arrest after becoming ill after surgery. This caused brain damage which left her wheelchair bound and with memory and concentration problems. Her family have said that the money will go towards ongoing care and proper accommodation for her.

The latest research by the ABI has discovered that insurers have paid out more than £650m over the winter due to weather related claims. The most common form of claim was for motor accidents arising from snowy or icy conditions and this is ongoing due to pothole claims which are still on the rise. The ABI said that there were 66,000 claims related to property damage during the winter for things such as roof damage from the weight of snow. The total amount paid out for property damage was £255m.

A think-tank by The Kings Fund has found that many councils are already rationing their social care in England. The report comes as ministers are discussing the best way to fund the social care system. It recommends that individuals and the state share the cost of ongoing care. The problem of an ageing population and other demands on councils have led to them placing restrictions on the use of services, this has meant the numbers receiving support has actually fallen in the past 4 years despite an increase in those aged over 75. The report says that the government should only be expected to meet 50% of the cost of care, but that this would still end up costing the government more than it currently does. They believe however that it is a price worth paying and would benefit those who are in middle income brackets who currently are not helped by the state.

Hiscox has warned that they could make a £100m loss from the combined payouts from the earthquake in Chile and a storm in France which claimed 50 lives. The earthquake alone is estimated to have cost up to $10bn (US) and the storm has cost up to $4bn (US). Hiscox underwrites claims for many of the insurers which will be paying out for these disasters. The insurer has also indicated that these losses are going to mean increased insurance premiums in the future. Other UK Insurers have also said that the earthquake will impact on their business including Royal & Sun Alliance and Amlin. †

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Green Car Insurance for Prius, Civic IMA, G Wiz and Aygo