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Compulsory Pet Owners Insurance for Dogs

Compulsory Pet Owners Insurance for Dogs: Just one week after the idea was suggested, the Government has ruled out the possibility of introducing a compulsory insurance for all dog owners. Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said that the government did not want to penalise responsible owners and that it would not fix the problem of illegal dogs being bred in this country. The Tories have said that the u-turn was humiliating for the government. They described it as a "dogs dinner". The idea had been suggested as part of a consultation on dangerous dogs which was launched last week. Mr Benn has said that they would still be interested in views on whether a third party insurance could be a requirement of a control order for nuisance dogs. Nick Starling form the ABI said that they are pleased the idea has been dropped and that a third party cover for aggressive dogs does not currently exist, in any case. He pointed out that those people with aggressive dogs are unlikely to buy insurance whether it was compulsory or not.

The UK's leading motorhome insurance provider Stavely Head has said that this is the time of the year when motorhome owners start preparing their vehicles for their holidays. They also say that they have started to receive enquires regarding policies for the coming season. They point out that these vehicles need specialist insurance as they carry many items of home equipment such as TVs and cookers and they also need to have high levels of road worthiness as imposted by the Department for Transport.

Meanwhile Simple have announced that their new caravan insurance product is to be available on the website. They offer two products: the Simple Static Caravan insurance and the Simple Touring Caravan insurance. Discounts can be given for the use of tracking devices, alarms and safe storage. UK holiday-makers currently own 498,000 touring caravans, 112,000 motorhomes and 335,000 caravan holiday homes.

Which? has claimed that Admiral insurance could be acting outside of the Race Relations Act by charging drivers who are not born in Britain more for their insurance. They have also claimed that the policy is shameful discrimination. Admiral which includes Bell, Diamond and typically add 18% to policies held by drivers who were not born in the UK and this has been deemed by legal experts to be a clear cut case of discrimination unde rthe Race Relations Act. Which? have said they will be passing their findings on to the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The consumer organisation discovered the problem after they submitted quotes to 16 insurers and used two different scenarios, one where the person was born in the UK and one where they were not. Admiral were the only insurer to ask if the applicant had lived in the UK since birth, they would then charge a higher premium if the answer was no. Admiral has claimed, according to Which? that people who have lived outside the UK have a worse claims record. They have also said that the question is one of residency not origin. They also pointed out that they do not ask about a persons religion or place of birth.

Climate change experts have claimed that those who will be most affected by changes in the climate are those who did the least to cause it. The problem has been highlighted by a booklet released by Economic Social Council and the Joseph Rowntree Association in conjunction with the Local Government Association. The booklet suggests that areas which are most likely to be affected by flood are actually the most deprived in the UK. They also point out that less than half of the people living in these areas have insurance cover. They hope that the booklet will help the government to put in place programs to help those already facing hardship to prepare themselves for future problems arising from climate change.

Professor Peter Hoeppe from Munich Re has praised the insurance industry for their approach to climate change at the World Insurance Forum this week. The comments come after the industry has been accused of being slow to respond to the the issue. He said that no other industry has the same influence and this has been achieved by offering expert advice. The panel also talked about the opportunities which climate change could offer the insurance industry such as micro-insurance.

One of the UK's largest claims handling companies Cartel Client Review has reportedly stopped accepting new clients following the shut down of law firm Consumer Credit Litigation Solicitors (CCLS) which handled claims for the company. They were shut down by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Cartel Client Review promises to help clients write off credit card debt by uncovering flawed credit agreements. They will do this for a fee, some of which is returned to the client if the claim is unsuccessful. They are thought to have processed 70,000 claims, but hundreds of clients have said they have not received refunds despite their credit agreements standing firm. The SRA have said that Cartel and CCLS were too close, having worked from the same building, which was not in the best interests of their clients. Suggestion s have been made that Cartel have closed for good and they are unavailable on the phone. Agents for the firm have been told that a temporary hold has been put on the business. Unfortunately for clients of Cartel, the SRA cannot help recover their funds as they can only deal with the solicitors not the referral company. †

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Compulsory Pet Owners Insurance for Dogs